Pamitinan Protected Landscape

Rodriguez, Rizal
Area/ Year Established
600 hectares/ 1996
Special Features

It was in this place where the legend of Bernardo Carpio, a Filipino folk hero, comes to life. You can witness the place where he was magically trapped: between the two huge mountain boulders in Montalban that he was preventing from crashing together (nag-uumpugang bato) using his great strength. Whenever, he moves, an earthquake ensues.
This protected area is also the site of Wawa Dam, a- decommissioned dam by a defunct water agency.  
Park Facilities
Trails/pathways, old dam
Allowed Activities
Swimming, picnic, sightseeing, camping
Fees(subject to change without prior notice)
Entrance fee: none
Type I Climate:  Two pronounced seasons, dry from September to April; wet during the rest of the year
Best time to visit
Places to see
§  Wawa Dam
§  Bernardo Carpio’s twin mountain boulders


View Pamitinan Protected Landscape in a larger map

The very place where the legend of Bernardo Carpio happened
Majestic rock relief formation

Swimming area 
Pathway along the river banks

Wawa Dam

Pathway passing through a karst/rock formation
rock boulders 

Well-beaten pathway along the cliff

Clear water gushing through the dam

The river is still being used for transport
An Illustration of Bernardo Carpio 

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