Biak-na-Bato National Park

Dona Remedios Trinidad and San Miguel, Bulacan.
Area/Year Established
658.85 hectares/ 1937
Special Features
Historical site of the establishment of the first Philippine Republic called the Biak-na-Bato Republic. It was the stronghold of General Emilio Aguinaldo during the revolution against the Spanish regime. It was also the site of the signing of the Pact of Biac-na-Bato, which include the exile of Aguinaldo to Hongkong.

The park offers natural attractions like Bahay Paniki Cave, Aguinaldo Cave, Madlum Cave, Tanggapan Cave,  Tilandong Falls, and a river traverse the park.
Park Facilities
Visitor Center, PASu Office, toilets, stairways, bridge, camping ground, picnic areas, parking space.
Allowed Activities
Cave exploration, trekking, mountain climbing, rock climbing, bird watching, swimming, hiking, picnic, camping
Entrance fee: P20 (Adult); P10 (Children/Sr. Citizen); Picnic Table rent: P30 (per day)
Best time to visit
November to May
Type I - Two pronounced seasons: dry from September to April; wet during the rest of the year

Location Map:

Historical marker

Park bridge

Visitor Center/PASu Office

River traversing the park